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church_of_spm's Journal

The Church Of Steven Patrick of Latter Day Smiths
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There are times when using the word fan just doesn't cut it. This community is for Morrissey fanatics. You must love him (better yet, love him more than life) to post in this community!!!!

There are no rules other than:
1. Love Morrissey A LOT!
2. Don't judge other people (don't say things like "you don't love him enough!" or "you love him too much!" because, that's stupid, and I will punch you!)

catchytunes and dysphasia are your mods... BITCHES!

by milkyfingers
10 ton trucks, 24.hour.bus.rides.to.get.to.see.morrissey.live, being a back scrubber, being painfully single, bought and stolen wine, chloe the turkey, death and one's elbow, double decker busses, gladiolas, good lays, handsome devils (i.e. morrissey), hating david bowie, hating fatbob, hating northern people, helping animals and stuff, james dean, julia riley, jumped up pantry boys, life-saving songs, little charmers (i.e. morrissey), looking at morrissey twice, lovely eeks, lovely riah, loving.morrissey.more.than.life!!!, manchester (because of moz!), morrissey, morrissey concerts, morrissey dancing, morrissey eating tofu!, morrissey is god, morrissey is not racist!!!!!, morrissey keeping his hidden, morrissey licking chocolate, morrissey photos, morrissey sans clothes, morrissey sleeping all day, morrissey suntanning in short.shorts, morrissey videos, morrissey wearing crotch flowers, morrissey!, morrissey!!, morrissey's "ambiguous" sexuality, morrissey's bitterness, morrissey's chest, morrissey's coyness, morrissey's dancing, morrissey's eyes, morrissey's gayness, morrissey's greying hair, morrissey's nipple, morrissey's nipple band-aid, morrissey's northern englishness, morrissey's quiff, morrissey's sense of humour, morrissey's sexuality, morrissey's shyness, morrissey's sleeve art, morrissey's social commentary, morrissey's torso, morrissey's voice, morrissey's wit, morrissey's.not-so-subtle.gay.innuendos.in.lyrics, morrissey-solo.com, morrisseyism, morrisseyxcore4life, moz, moz angeles, moz!, moz!!, moz!clones, moz+marr:theirloveissohandinglove, moz+marr:theirloveissonaturalandreal, moz+marr:theirloveisthischarming!man!!, moz/marr otp!, moz/marr otp!!!, obsessing over morrissey, oscar wilde, piccadilly palare, quoting morrissey, seeing through everybody's clothes, sending morrissey silly notes, seriously obsessing over moz, sharing greased tea(with morrissey!!!), shirtless moz, talking about books, tattooed boys from birkenhead, the new york dolls, the queen dying, the romance of crime, the smiths, the.body.ruling.the.mind, the.mind.ruling.the.body, the.world.ending.in.the.day.time, the.world.ending.in.the.night.time, using.morrissey.lyrics.in.day.to.day.conversations, wearing hearing aids(as.fashion.accessories), whatever happens we.love.morrissey, ywca